SSD Virtual Servers

Unleash the power of fast & scalable storage

  • 8x faster than traditional hard drives
  • Guaranteed I/O performance
  • No single point of failure
 SVS1000 with SSDSVS2000 with SSDSVS3000 with SSDSVS4000 with SSD
Price P/M from (ex 20% VAT)
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p/m from  £73.99 Buy now
Processor1 core2 core3 core4 core
Memory1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB
Storage35 GB70 GB100 GB125 GB
Data transfer200 GB400 GB600 GB800 GB
 1 week for £11 week for £1  

All of our SSD VPS packages include:

  • installation icon Free installation in less than 15 minutes
  • linux/windows icon Choice of Windows or Linux
  • trial icon One week trial for just £1*
    *Available on SVS1000 and SVS2000 only
  • emergency icon 24/7 emergency support
  • snapshots icon Snapshot backups option
  • cpanel icon Optional Plesk or cPanel add-ons
  • config icon Easy upgrade from an existing server

Standard Features - Virtual Private Servers

super fast

Super fast

SSD Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer speedy read/write performance, faster provisioning times and even faster random access for your websites, storage and software. Whatever your situation when disk I/O speed is a problem, SSD provides rapid improvements.

Environmentally friendly

What a bonus! A server fitted with SSD doesn’t just give exceptional speed but consumes less energy and runs cooler making it more environmentally friendly.

environmentally friendly
flexible scalability

Flexible scalability

The SSD platforms gives us hugely increased capacity without negatively impacting performance. Built using a scale-out storage structure, a Simply Cloud SSD will provide flexibility & scalability and is always ready for future growth.

fast icon

Guaranteed performance

The SolidFire platforms gives us guaranteed I/O performance, so unlike locally-attached disks other virtual servers won’t have a negative impact on your disk speeds.

availability icon

The best availability

We partnered with leading computing storage company, SolidFire, so that our SSD Virtual Servers give applications the storage availability they need for the best performance possible and reallocates resources instantly during high volume usage without data migration or adding more disks.

promise icon

Fail proof

SolidFire’s Helix Data Protection, a Simply Cloud SSD VPS practically eliminates hardware or software failures! A separate storage structure minimises performance impact by removing any common points of failure.

What Makes a Simply Cloud SSD VPS Unique?

Most hosting companies offer SSD locally attached to the hosting machine. We do things differently, by keeping the storage independently, we can:

  • Ensure no single points of failure
  • Balance load distribution to remove any chance of unpredictable I/O latency
  • Move all VMs online to another host if the original host fails
  • Increase storing without having to reboot
  • Guarantee exceptional performance for large scale storage infrastructure

Getting an SSD VPS up and running has never been easier, with our products you can take advantage of affordable, high quality hosting. Built on the very best of SolidFire architecture – the industry leading platform, we know you’ll be blown away with speed and scalability of SSD VPS storage.

SSD VPS Diagram

** £1 virtual trial is available for one week only, after 7 days you will be charged the full price of the VPS unless you cancel beforehand.