Virtual Server Backups

Please review our answers to some of the most common questions about our Virtual Server Backup Programme. If you are interested in applying server backups to an existing server or would like to include one on a new purchase, email us at or call us at 0345 259 1234 Monday through Friday between 8am - 6pm GMT.

What VPS backup system does Simply Cloud use?

At Simply Cloud, we use a fully automated image based backup facility which copies and safely stores an entire image of your virtual server for you to use should you so need. You can request that this be set up at the point of installation or enable it from your Simply Cloud control panel.

With our VPS backup system you are able to take three image backups at any time - a daily, a weekly and a snapshot - and you can easily schedule and re-schedule these backups yourself from within your Simply Cloud control panel.

What happens when I need to restore my virtual server?

You can restore your virtual server backups at any time from within your Simply Cloud control panel. With Simply Cloud the restore process is simple and convenient - the relevant backup will be named (by you) and so you just need to select the required backup and select 'restore'. The backed-up image will replace whatever data is held on your server completely, so you don’t need to worry about losing your data.

Applying backups now

Simply log into your Simply Cloud control panel, navigate to your virtual server's summary page and select the backup option. If you would like to install it on a new virtual server, just select the option upon signup; however you can always install it later if required.

* The offer is £100 Cloud Hosting credit when purchasing any Cloud Hosting plan using the displayed voucher code. This credit is only redeemable for 30 days following the qualifying purchase. This offer is restricted to new customers only, cannot be applied to renewals and used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Simply Cloud Limited. Any customers who do not use the voucher code - 100CREDIT, will receive £10 credit, this credit is only redeemable for 30 days following the qualifying purchase. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT, please note, for EU customers VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence.