Connecting to a Windows Server via Remote Desktop

This guide will walk you through the process of connecting to a Windows server using Remote Desktop.

Viewing VPS Details

  1. After you've received an email confirmation that your server is ready, you will need to collect some information about your VPS. Log into your Simply Cloud control panel at: using your contact email address from the confirmation email and the password you chose when ordering your virtual server. Once you've logged in, click the name of your Windows VPS to access its Overview page (see Screen 1). In this case the name of our VPS is svm36566.
    Screen 1
    (Screen 1)
  2. At the VPS's Overview page. click the 'Connect' tab (see Screen 2).
    Screen 2
    (Screen 2)
  3. On the 'Connect' page, click the link 'Download RDP file'. Also note the location of the VPS's Administrator password, it will be required later (see Screen 3).
    Screen 3
    (Screen 3)
  4. After you have clicked the link, you will be prompted to save the .rdp file and it will be downloaded to your local machine. Screen 4 shows how this looks in the browser Chrome. Typically you will be able to right-click the file and select 'Show in folder' to open Windows Explorer and view the file. You can then copy this file to your desktop or another convenient location and open it.
    Screen 4
    (Screen 4)
  5. This will open remote desktop and begin the connection process to your VPS. First tick 'Don't ask me again for connections to this computer' and click 'Connect'.
    Screen 5
    (Screen 5)
  6. You will then be prompted to enter the Administrator password for the server (Screen 6). You can copy and paste this from your Simply Cloud control panel (Screen 2).
    Screen 6
    (Screen 6)
  7. After entering your password you will see the Remote Desktop Connection screen shown in Screen 7. To proceed to the next screen, tick the box 'Don't ask me again for connections from this computer' and then click the 'Yes' button.
    Screen 7
    (Screen 7)
  8. You will then see the desktop of your VPS, and can begin configuring it as desired (Screen 8).
    Screen 8
    (Screen 8)

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