Our Datacentres

  • Secure
  • UK-based
  • Speedy
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Purpose-built datacentres for maximum security and efficiency

At Simply Cloud, we take the security of your websites and other data very seriously. To ensure that we meet our obligations to you as our customer, we have a multi-front strategy in place. Part of this strategy includes our two data centres, in which we store all of the physical equipment.

Currently, all of our new customer servers are provisioned in the Sentronex facility, though some existing customers are in our Globalswitch2 suite.


Key features

  • 450 racks
  • Standard 48U rack, 1000mm deep
  • 4kW to 35kW per rack
  • 2N Configuration
  • Dual 32A feed to every rack

Dependable security

  • Security staff on site 24/7
  • Perimeter palisade fence
  • Access control system
  • 24/7 monitored HD CCTV
  • Multi-layer access points

The electrics

  • Dedicated HV network and 2N transformers
  • N+1 generators - 2N available
  • 2N electrical switchgear in separate fire compartments
  • 2N+1 UPS in separate fire compartments
  • Dual 32A feed to every rack footprint - up to 35kW 2N available

The cooling

  • N+1 chillers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear - 2N available
  • N+1 separated and fully diverse pipework - 2N available
  • N+1 air handlers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear - 2N available
  • Under floor, room and ceiling void fire detection system
  • Inert fire suppressing gas system